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Friday 20th September 2019

This wasn't the walk we planned on doing today but despite our early start we still arrived at what we thought was the correct parking area for our planned walk only to find it full. Option two was also abandoned for the same reason, so in the end we opted for a drive out to the base of Carrock Fell where we knew we were unlikley to find every parking spot taken up. Having said that by the time we arrived there were plenty of campervans parked up with table and chairs out next to them, with their owners sat enjoying a drink and the view.

Start: Roadside by Carrock Beck (NY 3502 3494)

Route: Roadside by Carrock Beck - Carrock Fell - Miton Hill - High Pike (TP) - West Fell - Quaker Hill - Roadside by Carrock Beck

Distance: 5.5 miles     Ascent: 484 metres      Time Taken: 4 hrs 35 mins

Terrain: Predominantly clear paths

Weather: Warm and dry

Pub Visited: The Mill Inn, Mungrisdale    Ale Drunk: Robinsons Cumbria Way

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Carrock Fell

Looking up to Carrock Fell from close to where we parked the car. At this point the plan was to visit Carrock Fell last, why after the start to today's planned walk did I think that was going to happen.

Sunny Bank

With Carrock Beck to our right we had hoped to cross the beck a bit further upstream and then either make our way along the bottom of the valley or head up to where the windsurfers were, it wasn't to happen

High Pike

As we failed to find a relatively easy crossing point, given the deep and quite fast moving water in the beck we opted instead to abandon walking along this side of the valley, which was more or less pathless and make our way onto the path ascending Carrock Fell.

Solway Plain

We managed to pick up the fairly distinct tracks made by a four wheel vehicle, which took us to the sheep fold below. From there some well used sheep tracks brought us to the path onto Carrock Fell which we could have followed from the car.

Eden Valley

Once on the path the ascent was nice and straightforward, with views across the Eden Valley and a distant, hazy view of the Pennines.

High Pike

We soon found ourselves in amongst the rocks that are scattered below the summit of Carrock Fell. Here looking across to High Pike whilst we decide if we are doing the extra bit of ascent to the actual summit or settling down for lunch.

River Caldrew

Whilst we make up our minds time to admire the view along the River Caldrew towards the Skiddaw Massif with Knott and Great Calva in view.

Bowscale Fell

Looking across Bowscale Fell to Blencathra.

Carrock Fell

As there is no-one around we opt to leave our rucksacks below the summit and make our way up to the summit cairn.

Great Mell Fell

From the summit we enjoy the view across Great Mell to High Street.

Hare Stones

Lunch was taken in amongst the rocks below the summit, admiring the view across to High Pike and to its left the Birkett summit of Hare Stones.

Miton Hill

We followed the fairly dry track from Carrock Fell towards High Pike and whilst we missed out on visiting Round Knott we did visit the Birkett top of Miton Hill.

Carrock Fell

Looking back to Carrock Fell with the Birkett tops of Miton Hill to the left and Round Knott to the right.

Drygill Beck

In no time at all we can see Drygill Beck and the Cumbria Way, which we will be crossing shortly.


Looking across to Bowscale Fell and Blencathra.

High Pike

The final bit of ascent for the day lies ahead of us, it will take us to the summit of High Pike.

Drygill Beck

We soon find ourselves at the head of Drygill Beck.

High Pike

We have timed it well as there is no sign of anyone ahead of us.


There is also no one behind us, so time to get up there and maybe have the summit to oursleves, who knows we might even get to use the seat.

High Pike

Looking to Carrock Fell from High Pike's summit.

High Pike

Seeing as the seat is unoccupied we might as well take advantage of it and have a quick break.

Brae Fell

Looking across Roughton Gill to Great Sca, Little Sca and Brae Fell.

West Fell

Having taken in the views we make our way back down towards the Cumbria Way whilst debating which route we will take back to the car. One option is to stay up high.

Carrock Beck

The other option is to take the path down through the mines and then follow the track alongside Carrock Beck.

Cumbria Way

We walk along a very short section of the Cumbria Way.

West Fell

We opt to stay up high as I was hoping to get some shots of the windsurfers, but they had packed up and gone by the time we reached where they had been.

Loadpot Hill

As we approach the road Great Mell and Loadpot Hill come into view.

Carrock Beck

All that remains now is to cross Carrock Beck and make the short road trip back to the car and maybe a pint before we head back to the campsite.


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