For Ann - Lake District Walk

Monday 19th July 2021

Today's walk includes a visit to the summit of Rannerdale Knotts so we could, along with many of their friends and family, be with Roger as he scattered the ashes of his wife Ann on one of her favourite summits.

John and I first met Ann and Roger via the OFC and whilst we did enjoy a couple of walks together we usually met up in the Kirkstile Inn for a meal or a pint where an exchange of a large white envelope (containing a calendar) and a ten pound note would frequently take place.

The photos and descriptions are published with Roger's permission.

Start: Buttermere

Route: Buttermere - Rannerdale Knotts - Buttermere

Distance: 3 miles     Ascent: 314 metres      Time Taken: 3 hrs

Terrain: Clear paths

Weather: Very hot and sunny.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Floutern Cop

Roger had asked that friends and family arrive at the summit of Rannerdale Knotts for midday. Rather than take up a precious parking space at the bottom of Rannerdale Knotts we walked from where we were staying in Buttermere.

Crummock Water

Most of the parking spaces along Crummock Water were already full with people making the most of the hot weather.

Fleetwith Pike

As we leave the road and start our ascent of Rannerdale Knotts Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks at the head of Buttermere come into view.

Rannerdale Knotts

As we reach The Hause we join the path coming up from Hause Point and we see Roger and some of his family and friends up ahead of us.

Low Fell

Time to pause, catch our breath and enjoy the view along Crummock Water to Low Fell.

Great Bourne

As we climb higher the views continue to improve, here looking across Crummock Water and Scale Knott to Great Bourne and Starling Dodd.


Looking along Crummock Water the higher viewpoint means Loweswater has now come into view.

Rannerdale Knotts

Having reached the summit of Rannerdale Knotts we all take the time to say hello to old friends. People we maybe only knew via Facebook or through Roger and Ann's website are finally met in person.

As midday approaches Roger starts gathering together family members and the friends who are going to take part in the short service.

The Dash

Roger quietens the people who have gathered on the summit and talked briefly about Ann and the funeral service, which due to Covid restrictions many of us couldn't attend. He recalled the poem The Dash, explaining its meaning and the poem When the Days Come, which had been read by their children at the funeral. Today he had asked four of Ann's friends to each read a verse of When the Days Come, which they did following a very moving speech by Jenna.

After the family had scattered Ann's ashes at the spot of one of Ann's favourite Lakeland views the group of friends stood on the other side of the summit found themselves listening to the family singing 'Will Ye Go Lassie Go?', those friends who recognised the song joined in.

High Snockrigg

Following the service people once again took the time to mingle and chat before starting to head back down to their cars.


Before heading back along the ridge there is time to pause and enjoy the view along Buttermere from the summit. It is easy to see why Ann picked this summit as in the opposite direction the view includes Ann and Roger's home so she can keep an eye of Roger and make sure he is doing his little jobs, such as giving the dogs their breakfast.

In future when we are in the area or stopping at the Kirkstile Inn we will be able to look up at where Ann is and think about her. When it is quieter we will visit the summit again, sit for a while on her favourite rock and enjoy the view with Ann.

Low Bank

Having negotiated the small rocky section off Rannerdale Knotts friends and family start to spread out as they head along Low Bank.


At the end of the ridge some of us head for Buttermere whilst others return along Rannerdale. We found ourselves walking with Roger's brothers and sisters-in-law as they had opted to park in Buttermere and take the grassy route onto the summit.

As we headed down an important decision had to be made, was there time for an ice cream at Syke Farm Tearoom? Decision made and the appropriate path off the fell selected we all continue down before going back to Ann and Roger's cottage, where the family had laid on food and drinks.

A link to Roger's report of the day can be found here


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